Designing and crafting jewelery out of 14
    and 18 carat gold and silver
Marketing our own individually designed,
    handsomely hand-crafted an prize-winning
    jewelry pieces
Expert repair and restorative work of gold
    or silver jewelry for private idividuals and for
    jewelry stores.
Restoration and reconsturciton of antique
Custom made chains of all sizes and designs
Purchasing, polishing, or settingsof precious
    stones or gems
Engraving family crests into stone-seals
Decorative engraving into precious metals
Enameling jewelry

Purchasing scrap-gold and silver
Photography for archival purpose:
this special work is for victims of theft who would like to have a drawing and/or an appraisal of their stolen or lost jewelry.
Storing unworn and valuable jewelry pieces and family memorabilia is available and strongly recommended as a precautionary measure against loss and theft. Insurance companies and police accept such evidence as photos, appraisals and descriptions when provided by the specialist, i.e., a qualified, professional jeweler.