Wasserman jewelry was established in 1999 as a private business venture. The workshop opeded in tokaj, a small town located in north-eastern Hungary and world famous for its unique brand of wine.

The shop combines theproduction and the amarketing of jewelry, thus, providing the best, all-around service for a wide-ranging, diverse cliental. The combination of prodution and marketing enables us to keep up with the fierce competition addition to sellingrare and the usual mass-produced jewels, we pay special attention to locally evolved stylesand fashion items our cliental deem attractive and desirable for purchase. For these customers we recommend special designs and handcraf them in a way they ar tasteful, unique and long lasting in lvalue.

The symbol and facade of our firm was designed by Majoros Cecília. We aimed at creating an easily recognizable logo that represented our business philosophy of keeping alive the long held tradition of masterfully crafting articles out of gold, emphasizing hand-crafting and at the same time, assuming full responsibiity for our name and the profession.

We offer the latest trends in styles and fashion in designing and craftin jewels. We regulary visit current trade axhibits and study domestic and foreign trade journals and web-sites.
Furthermor, we paricipate in in-service training programs so that we can offer valuable advice on design, fashion-trends, style, form, and on the selection of precious stones and metals.

Beginning in 2003, the evaluation of our works entered at various jewelry competitions became an important goal for us. We first tried our luck by enterint the third Tahitian Pearl Thophy competition held in Hungary. There were ten catergories and the ruled allowed each goldsmith to enter theree of those. Two of our three entries pladced among the top three winners.

These prize-winning pieces were then exhibited in a Christian Dior show along with axhibits of some top-notch masters like Nyékes Ilona and Nagy Dániel. The show was held in the Hungarian Museum of Arts and Crafts and sponsored by the Indivii firm.

Wassermann Péter
goldsmith master

Majoros Cecília
éjewelery appraiser, graphic designer

Kiss-Tóth Attila
jewelery appraiser